This web page is set up for John Havel's research lab and allows access to references saved as PDF files. There are also links to electronic journals and other handy resources.
Feel free to use this web site for research or class purposes. Notice that copy write restrictions apply to these materials, so making additional copies is prohibited. For this reason, the web site is password protected.
If you find other references we should have, please pass along a copy of the article to John Havel:
To access the references, you can follow one of two methods.  From EndNote, locate the reference of interest, and, from the top toolbar, choose "reference", then "open link"; or open the reference and go to the URL field and click on the link..  (Note: not all reprints are available as PDF files; the missing files won't have URLs listed.)  Alternatively, click on the reprints folder link on the left and select the article from the alphabetized list.